Metin2 Hack: Get 1250 Dragon Coins For Free

Metin2 Hack | August 25, 2013 |

Metin2 Hack

Hello and welcome to my blog. If you’re looking for a way to get Metin2 Dragon Coins for free, you’ve come to the right place.

Metin 2 is a simple but fast paced fantasy MMORPG which is popular in Europe and has recently been brought to the North American market by Z8Games. There are three warring factions, each represented by a separate kingdom. All three kingdoms share the same 4 class choices and players of all three start in the same area. Your faction choice only comes into play after level 15 where players of opposing factions may freely attack you. Upon reaching level 5, each class has two specialization options. Also Metin2 has it’s own real life curency called Dragon Coins which can be used in the item shop. But the price of Metin2 Dragon Coins is huge, that’s where this little Metin2 hack tool comes in. Regularly you would pay 49,99$ for 1,250 package of Dragon Coins, but with this metin2 hack you will be able to get this amount  of dragon coins absolutely for FREE! You can use this sneaky hack tool every week without any worries , just with a few clicks.

How to get 1,250 Dragon Coins with Metin2 Hack and how to use the hack:

  1. Click Here to download Metin2 Hack. The hack is being updated every week!
  2. Make sure you read and follow each step in the read me file! If you miss a step, the Metin2 Hack might not work.
  3. ONLY USE THIS GUIDE ONCE A WEEK! I can’t stress this enough. You might get banned by administrators if you use it often (lets say every day).
  4. Sometimes, people will tell you to give them your account username and password and they’ll give you this amount of Dragon Coins. Do NOT listen to them. They will steal your account if you do this!
  5. Enjoy your 1,250 Dragon Coins and new items. You can now buy metin2 items without having to pay for them.

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